How I made 2400 yearly by selling a single product a Complete breakdown of my step by step sales strategy

In a year I made $2400 selling ONE of my products via Etsy and Shopify Store. This is the total profits from ONE single product listing alone.


I was totally not expecting one of our designs to not only go viral but also create a trend in a new design, that now there are other sellers not only taking inspiration from my product design, but some have been brave enough to steal my product mockup and sell their products on Amazon, Etsy and Shopify.

In this Breakdown I will take you step by step through the process of earning $2400 consistently selling one product online. Although I sell multiple products through etsy and on my self hosted website, but this one product only keeps me earning $24k.

And once you get the idea you can completely replicate the process for other products as well.


In this breakdown you will learn:


  • The full breakdown of how I made $2400 selling only ONE product through Etsy and my Self Hosted website.
  • Exactly what mindset practices that are needed to earn big bucks from a product that others are selling for much smaller price.
  • How I set up my Etsy shop for success using SEO practices you can replicate
  • How you can automate your marketing for the product.
  • The Email marketing practices that you can not avoid at all costs.
  • How to convert your clients from a viewer to a buyer using a customer journey map
  • Mistakes that I made & what I recommend you to do instead.
  • Plus tips on ideas for a product you can create and sell yourself.


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